For more than a year, Brandon-Evansville teachers, school staff, board members and community members met to discuss the challenge of managing our two aging school buildings. Information was shared that identified future enrollment trends, educational needs, infrastructure issues and ways to fund needed improvements. An independent analysis of the Brandon and Evansville buildings found that besides interior, exterior and infrastructure maintenance needs, these buildings do not meet current Minnesota Department of Education standards for the equality of opportunity for students to learn which includes the environments that the school facilities provide for learning and teaching.

Educational Adequacy is a complete analysis of a school building focused on 18 categories identified by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). Each category analyzed current programming, MDE guidelines, 21st century learning, demographics projections, and input from our District’s staff on a scale from inadequate to adequate.

Below are the results of how the B-E Facilities compared to the Education Adequacy Standards in each of the 18 categories.


Presentation slide from the May 20, 2019, Board Meeting. To view the full presentation, click here or visit the Resources page.


ASSESSMENTS WERE COMPLETED AT BOTH THE BRANDON AND EVANSVILLE CAMPUSES. view the full reports for each campus below to learn more!

For a facility tour please contact Superintendent Donny Peschel at 320-834-4084.